Healing Stones


Waking up your Intuition 101​




  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

  2. "we shall allow our intuition to guide us"

  3. synonyms:

  4. instinct · intuitiveness · sixth sense · divination · clairvoyance · second sight · ESP (extrasensory perception)

This class is for anyone interested in learning about their intuitive power. To be able to learn and hone these skills is such a gift we can give ourselves for the rest of their lives. Each week we will work on a different part of uncovering what intuition is and how to use it to help us lead a more spiritual and ultimately better life. We will meet once a week for 5 sessions.  

This course will be a conversation about each topic combined with hands on experiences 

Week 1 - Energy Centers of the body

Chakras- We will learn and develop the understanding Chakras

Week 2 - Meditation Practices

We will cover different meditation practices and how to use them to incorporate them into your daily life

Week 3 - Beyond the 5 senses

Discovering the clairsenses and which ones are most dominant for you.

Week 4 - Spirit GuideTeam and Channeling

We will meet our spirit teams together.  Everyone has them.  We will develop skills to be able to communicate with them on your own

Week 5- Tools

Oracle and Angle Cards

Crystals and their uses and properties

Flower Essences


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