Am I on the right path?

As we embark on a journey of enlightenment there are inevitably going to be bumps, hills ok mountains that we are faced with along our path. The question really is what do we do with those road blocks? How do we go over them? And ultimately why are they there and what lesson are they trying to teach us. I currently am in a bit of a road block phase. So here I am with all of this information about source, spirit and the purpose of life and I am presented with Mt Everest. What to do? I can listen to all the old programming from my upbringing that says that I am not good enough or dont have what it takes to climb this mountain or I can gather all my tools that I have learned along my journey, put a backpack on and embark on this quest to the other side. What I know deep down inside is its about the journey to other side not necessarily the finish line. I keep asking my guides why I am being presented with all of these challenges and what did I do the bring them into my experience. And without skipping a beat they let me know this is part of my souls path. None of us came here into this physical plane with the intention to experience 0 contrast and just skate through life. Do you ever look at those people who just seem to glide through life with no contrast? Well I do? I used to think they seem so happy, ignorance is bliss. Now I realize that's just not true, no single soul came here with the intention to live a contrast free life. For without contrast to know what we dont want we will never develop what we do want. So for anyone who feels like they are at or have been or will be again standing at the foot of a mountain, I too feel that way and feel a bit of excitement about what is to unfold.

With love always,


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