Are there really Angels? What are Archangels? Let me make this simple.

I knew very little if anything about angels in general until very recently. During "my awakening" as I will continue to reference.. With little knowledge of them I had this feeling that would come over me when I would meditate. It was this familiar feeling like I knew them, I knew this being my whole life. What I came to understand was that feeling, that being or beings were my guardian angels. That feeling was the most secure, loving feeling I have ever felt in my 42 years as a human. It was like I was home again. Its a bit hard to put into words so I hope I am giving this experience justice. Think about the song "I can't fight this feeling anymore", something like that. Songs do often come to me throughout my day that are messages for me to listen to and to remember to lighten up! After I became reacquainted with my guardian angels I discovered this other layer of angels, the Archangels. Whoa, this was a mind bending transformative experience that has forever changed the way I see the world. The catalyst was a deck of Archangel Tarot cards. I had knowledge of Tarot and have been read by many readers. I had no intention of being a Tarot card reader, I just felt called to order this deck on Amazon. I began to do readings for myself and I continue that practice as part of my daily routine. What it most interesting to me about the Archangels is all you need to do is ask them to come into your space. Ask them to assist you in anything you are trying to manifest or deal with in your daily life. It is that simple! I find the angel realm to be the most accessible to me. I resonate with the feeling I get when I call them in, its just so pure and real. There is so much to read on this subject that it gets very overwhelming. I like to keep it simple and close my eyes, pull out my deck and pray and see what comes over me. It is very simple and easy to do, and the impact the angels have had on my life I can not put into words. I hope this helps you simplify the angels and give you the confidence to call on them to assist you, they are just a call away.

As always... Love and blessings.


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