Cord Cutting

So I had to write about this intense cord cutting experience I just had. I sat down to meditation with my angel deck of Tarot cards. They led me in the direction of healing someone I love dearly who is dealing with some physical health issues. As I suspected these issues go much deeper than the physical, they always do. These issues he suffers with are old ancestral deep shit. At the root of it, it comes from his paternal line and it runs back to the beginning of the Ashkenazi line of existence. His team of light being doctors came in as they have before to do an energetic surgery. They began to pull this thick, dark cord from his abdomen, almost like an umbilical cord. When the finally got it all out they filled the hole up with an intense white light and sealed him up. As that happened I began to see the 6 million Jews that died in the Holocaust all have their cords pulled, popped and released at the same time. I was flooded with an overwhelming rush of emotion and began to tear up. I felt this sense of release for all the persecution that goes back to the beginning of time and the tribes that were repeatedly persecuted. They were finally freed. This is really big, I know that.. But I am done questioning these revelations of spirit that I continue to have, its very real.

We can all do this. It is very simple. Step 1, sit down to meditation however you choose. Whatever modality brings you into a space of quietness. Step 2, call in your guides, your team of light and allow them into your heart. Step 3, visualize the person or people you want to remove the cords from, they will show you where exactly the cord is on the body. You might want to cut an energetic cord between you and someone else.. Step 4, let the energetic team of light do their work and observe. Step 5, allow them to fill the holes with light and seal up the holes. Step 6, call him a white protection bubble around the person, people and your self if you are cutting a cord between you and them. Step 7, allow it all to go away.. un attach from the experience and slowly come back to your body and open your eyes. Step 8, as always when calling in spirit say "Thank you"

I know this is a bit out there.. but why not try and it and see what enfolds. You might just get rid of some really old shit that is not yours to hold onto!

With love and blessings,


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