I would say this is a level 2 blog, so if you are reading my blogs or are on the path,

this is for you.

After my morning session today meditating with the Archangels, I was given a very strong message from Christ Consciousness. Before I delve into the words and the meaning they had today I want to clarify Christ Consciousness. For me, there is zero religious resonance in Jesus Christ and Christ Consciousness. The messages and teachings of this Ascended Master were and still are directly guided from the divine. These Ascended Masters that were once human and walked this earth plane were divinely guided by source to heal, change and ultimately assist in earth's ascension. The words that were given to me today to share with you are.. "Your heart must forgive to move on" These words in their simplicity have been spoken many times and pondered on by many. As these words were offered to me today I realized that were for not just for me but all 7 billion people on the planet. We as a collective consciousness are missing the key element. We all came here with the same purpose, we came here to create heaven on earth. To shift from the dark ages in to the new earth. We all want the same thing! Let the light come in, let the healing continue and forgive so we can move on!

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