Hearing the messages and signs from Spirit.

One of the most powerful experiences I have had is hearing and recognizing the messages I get from Spirit. In the past I would question if what I heard was coming from my ego or was it in fact a sign or a message. As I have become more comfortable with my connection I take every sign, every message as it is and relish in the words that come to me. Connecting with spirit is kind of like dating or meeting a new friend. At first its really exciting, pretty uncomfortable and just new all around. After repeatedly sitting with your Spirit team they become like old friends, really comfortable and they have your back in all scenarios. Sometimes the signs or messages are very clear and loud and sometimes much softer, all are exactly as they are intended to be for us to absorb. Today was an extremely impactful message that will stick with me for awhile. I went to bed last night and asked my team to assist me in my sleep, assist me in letting go and allowing the hard work I have done over this past year to settle in my system. Just before I opened my eyes this morning a direct message from source woke me up. The message was "I got this, I will take it from here". I really felt like I could surrender and allow Source to take over for a bit. It was such a beautiful and simple message. By the simple act of asking, especially right before you go to sleep, they will always answer. Thank you for reading and as always love and blessings.

Danielle Marie

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