Higher Self and how to listen

There is so much talk about our higher self/I am presence in the spiritual community. It really feels abstract and far reaching if you haven't yet connected with that piece of yourself. It took me a good year to really understand what this all meant and it has been the biggest shift in my understanding of how to live a happy life. Because that is the reason we are here, we are here to experience joy and happiness not suffering and pain. We have been so conditioned to believe that we must work hard and suffer and then our dreams will come true. That is just not how it works. It is the opposite, you must feel good first and then the dreams come into this physical reality. I have been shown this time and time again and have always been led to this understanding by my Higher Self/I am presence. Some call it the subconscious and some may even call it God. For me its an inner guidance that always has my back, my coach, my all knowing tour guide of this life. When I was finally able to quiet the noise of the ego enough to hear her I knew she had been there all along and was guiding me from the minute I was born. The most miraculous thing about this is that your higher self knows exactly the path you are intended to be on and if you listen close enough you will be guided each step of the way. There is a relief to this, a feeling of surrender that washes over me when I sit back and allow my higher self to take the wheel. I am now able to listen to this guidance and allow the miracles of life to unfold.

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