Meditation. What is it really and how do I make it work for me?

Most of us think or used to think of meditation as sitting cross legged in a dark room with no distractions and thinking of nothing. Well that sounds

awful. I tried that and all I could think of was why am I thinking and I can’t stop thinking. It would drive me to a point that I just gave up and started running through my list of things to do, ruminated about stupid stuff I may have said or did and then it went on to random bizarre thoughts. So I gave up and thought it just wasn’t for me. I would say things to myself like Im type A or I have too much going on with 3 kids and a business.

Then I had this life altering experience that changed meditation for me. Well meditation changed me and I finally understood what this was all about. I call it my awakening and it all began with COVID in March 2020. My family and I got the virus in March and were really the only people we knew who had it. I now know that the timing of this was in perfect divine time. I began meditating every morning before the sun came up. I thought it was for me to get through the anxiety of the pandemic but it turned out I was listening to a divine calling for all of humanity. It was our chance to slow down, wake up and ascend into a new consciousness. Meditation unlocked all of this for me and I’m eternally grateful I was able to hear the heart call from the Divine.

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