What is the deal with the Full Moon rituals?

There is so much talk about the full moon and tons of blogs about full moon rituals. Sifting through all the social media posts can be really overwhelming. There are rituals out there that take hours and a shit ton of writing.. I vowed to myself I would make this simple, like mediation in previous post. If its not simple I'm not going to do it.. So here is what this 42 yr old mother of 3 and business owner does to honor the full moon. First I recognize the full moon and new moon. The new moon is a time for manifesting my ideal reality. The full moon is a time to reflect on the new moon intentions and release anything that no longer serves me and is not for my highest good. Simple right! My actual routine varies based on our Midwest weather. Right now we are experiencing a February Snow Moon. I did not intend do this last night but I woke up in the middle of the night around three am, ok to go to the bathroom... And from my window I saw the most brilliant full moon. Its light was just magnificent. So I said a prayer of gratitude. "Thank you for allowing me to wake up at this moment to experience your beauty and grace". Well something like that it was 3am. The simple act of acknowledging the full moon can be enough. I went back to sleep eager to wake up before dawn to do a full moon meditation. Yes before dawn. That is one ritual I am strict about. There is some scientific reason for this that I don't really intend to study. What I do know is how I feel when I meditate at that time, full moon or not. I base my rituals on how it makes me feel. If it feels right I am on the right track, it it doesn't I change my course. Today I chose a guided meditation from a favorite spiritual You Tuber I follow. I was guided to review my new moon intentions, see where I was at with no judgement and then to release back to mother earth what no longer serves me. There is something deeply magical about meditation with the full moon. Its the primal feeling that connects me to the earth and the entire solar system. I feel supported, protected and loved.

So there it is. A simple, clean, easy way to honor the full moon and create a realistic ritual that you might actually do each moon cycle.

Love and Blessings


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