What really is this Ascension and 5D everyone is talking about? And how can I jump on the train?

In the world of as we know it today there is so much talk about the ascension we are going through and the shift from 3D to 5D. I am going to simplify this for you so you can begin to recognize your role in the process. We are all going through this right now whether we are aware or not. About a year ago my eyes were open to the process but I had been on the journey long before I came into this human body. We all chose to come here and incarnate as humans at this time of the earths evolution. We all chose to come here to assist and be part of the ascension process. We are shifting from an old pattern, 3D and into a new earth of 5D. So what does this all mean? The biggest point is that we do not leave our 3D world, body, existence we just shift into a lighter, higher frequency of 5D. This timeline that we are in right now is the most transformative time our earth that

any human has ever been through. We can consider ourselves pioneers, cowboys venturing off onto the west in search of a new life. We are the lucky ones who chose to come here to be a part of this shift.

Everything is energy. You will or already have begun to feel the 5D shifts. Some people have ascension symptoms like ears ringing, dizziness, Deja vu, or a remembrance. These are all normal and very much a part of the process.

Hold on friends... we are all on this journey together. We are on the ascension train and I am here as your conductor to guide you on your journey into the new earth and into 5D.

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